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Winter Pet Safety Tips

Winter is a season of freezing temperatures and inclement weather. Keeping your family safe and warm is a priority, remember to also protect your pets. Follow these simple winter pet safety tips and suggestions to keep your pets happy and safe all winter long!

Keep Pets Indoors

We all know dogs love to be outdoors for exercise and taken out for walks, but during winter they should mostly stay indoors. Smaller animals and short-haired dogs may benefit from wearing a coat outdoors to keep warm, just like humans. When the temperature drops, don’t leave pets outdoors for long periods of time. If it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pet.

Provide Outdoor Shelter

If you have outdoor dogs, or a breed that can withstand cold temperatures, make sure they have a doghouse.

Be sure it is large enough for the dog to comfortable sit and lie down in, but small enough to hold in their body heat. The doghouse should also have an elevated floor, an entrance that faces away from the wind and has a “doggy-door.”

Protect Their Paws

Chemicals and salt used to melt snow and ice can be harmful to your pet’s feet and paws. When outdoors, look for signs that your pet’s feet are cold, which could include them lifting up their paws or whining. After walks, softly rub the bottom of their paws with a towel to remove these chemicals. To further prevent paw irritation, use pet-friendly ice melts and consider buying dog boots!

Extra Water and Food

Pets that stay outdoors for long periods of time in the winter use a lot more energy to stay warm. Feeding them extra food can provide much-needed calories. Be sure to regularly check your pet’s water dish to ensure the water is fresh and not frozen. Keeping all pets hydrated will also help to prevent dry skin during the colder months. When the temperature is low, use plastic water and food bowls instead of metal to prevent your pet’s tongue from freezing to them.

Always Leash

Pets are more likely to get lost in the winter than any other season. Snow can disguise familiar scents that would typically help pets find their way home. To prevent pets from becoming lost, keep all dogs on leashes when outside.  Make sure their collar tags and microchips have up-to-date contact information.

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