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Tips for Handling Property Claims on the Road – Part 2

More Mobile Office Property Claim Tips

Here is some concluding advice in this short series showcasing the personal and multitasking requirements of an outside claims representative successfully handling a property claim. Note: You should always talk to your employer to make certain that you are following best practices and protocol.

Keep a Digital Recorder Handy

Some insurance companies require recorded statements on all major claims. An adjuster should know the proper statement format for the situation and have ready access to a fully-charged digital recorder. A “Voice Memos” app on smartphones or a phone recording attachment will also allow recorded statements by phone when necessary.

Keep Daily Notes

It might sound a bit old fashioned, but a pocket sized notebook is a great tool for keeping a running listing of the day’s activities, contacts, notes, phone messages, and personal comments. Tablet and laptop keyboard tapping could be disturbing when an adjuster is surveying a damaged home while the owner is standing nearby.

Once a consultation or inspection is complete, the adjuster can have a cup of coffee a few miles away, transfer the notes to a digital claim file, and head for the next appointment.

Mobile Office Property Claim Tips

Track Mileage

Whether an adjuster drives a company car or an independent uses their car, the claims department will want an accurate record of miles logged. An independent adjuster can bill a client accurately. Adjusters driving a company car can accurately track personal versus business mileage. All persons concerned will have accurate tax records, and if management runs an informal mileage audit there will be no worry about inconsistencies.

It is hard to go back and reconstruct the day’s mileage, so it is best keep a running tally as you go. A mileage tracking app or a mileage diary is a good tool to use.

Maintain Regular Contact with Management

Claims adjusters are on the road because that is where the need is, but they should still check in with their claims office at least twice a day. Regular office contact keeps an adjuster connected to the rest of the staff. They can:

  • Receive newly reported claims that might be in an area where the adjuster is currently scheduled
  • Get new messages
  • Get a heads up on any issues or concerns
  • Get operational support

The Job Doesn’t End When You Go Home

Some field adjusters are on call 24/7. The information may get transferred via digital technology, but only an adjuster can supply the human action that is necessary to give a claim immediate attention.

That often means dropping and shutting out everything. For that, a field adjuster needs a quiet home office space to contact policyholders, contractors, and office supervisors; as well as to write or dictate summary reports.

Contact us for more information on how adjusters investigate property claims in the field.

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