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Disaster Preparation and Second Opinions

When the Bolton Family moved into their new home in Dallas, Texas, the last thing on their mind was finding another place to live.

Mom Bolton shared her story with us about her family being displaced and how they began to transition back from their home loss…

Out of the Ashes

How do you explain to a child that all of their toys went missing? How do you wrap your mind around that fact that all of your memories, photos and journals containing the contents of your heart are now merely a pile of ashes? In addition, the thought of replacing furniture, appliances and items that you do not realize you used each day, and you begin to understand how utterly devastating it is to lose your home.

 Disaster Preparation and Second Opinions

A Costly Mistake

The heating unit ran continually without putting out any warm air. This unnormal behavior should have come across as a sign that something was wrong. The Bolton’s later learned that this was due to an old furnace that had somehow slipped the watchful eye of the home inspector when they purchased the house.

The Bolton’s were immensely thankful that no one was home when the fire began, but kept wondering if they could have stopped the fire or at least grabbed a few precious treasures on the way out. It was easy for them to become lost in these paralyzing thoughts. What they needed was someone to come alongside them to take care of the logistics.

A Place to Call Home

Getting past the pain of loss was difficult, but only compounded the fact that the Bolton’s now had nowhere to live. They did not have family close by and were relatively new to the area, so the thought of finding a place to stay was completely overwhelming.

After contacting their insurance adjuster, they were delighted to be referred to ALE Temporary Housing Solutions. Mom Bolton stated, “The staff we worked with was so compassionate and understanding of our situation. They handled all of the details, allowing us to grieve the past while helping us to take steps toward the future. The temporary housing accommodations were the perfect size for our family and were within a reasonable distance from work.”

Moving On and Disaster Preparation

The Bolton’s found it “unbelievable” that they were given temporary housing within 24 hours. Mom Bolton stated, “All of the bills were sent straight to our insurance provider. We could truly focus on our family during this tough time in a place that had the comforts and conveniences of home.”

The Bolton’s learned that disaster preparation for natural or isolated incidents is an ever-present need for homeowners and renters. Always be prepared. Getting a second opinion of your first home inspection may be worth the extra cost and peace of mind.

Should you need ALE Solutions, or if you would like to find out more about temporary housing providers, please contact us. We are your resident expert.

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