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Long-Term Hotels and Routines

Routines and asking for help can make a traumatic situation a little less taxing. Should you ever be displaced from your home, you will likely be at a long-term hotel for a least a couple weeks.

Establish a Schedule for Long-Term Hotel Stays

Given the length of your stay, we recommend establishing a schedule that works best for your whole family. To start, it can be a good idea to get acquainted with the hotel’s schedule for meals, fitness and pool hours, etc. The next steps would be to coordinate times for baths/showers, sleep, in-room meals (if you have a kitchen) and “outings” (getting out of the room).

The bathroom is very likely going to be the biggest point of contention, so we suggest if you schedule only one routine, make it bath time. And, depending on the size of your family, consider having one or two people switch to a nightly bath routine to make the mornings less hectic.

Tips for Long-Term Hotel Stays
Note: Hotel suites are sometimes available with two bathrooms. If your insurance adjuster gives the OK, ask your ALE Hotel Solutions Specialist to assist you in locating a larger room type. Two room suites are also available in some hotels. You could even ask for a partial wall divider in case you have small children that need to nap during the day, or if certain members of your family have different sleep schedules.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call in Favors

After a disaster or other serious event, it can sometimes feel embarrassing to admit that you could use some help. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you will be a burden. Even people you are not very close friends with will often be happy to help if you make the time to contact them and ask. Small favors like borrowing a washer and dryer, letting a family member hang out with friends for a day, or even eating a meal at a family member’s house, will not be an imposition on your friends and family. If you or another immediate family member is a good cook, you could even offer to cook a meal for them, and everyone will benefit.

Tips for Long-Term Hotel Stays
ALE’s service does not stop at check-in. You can contact us 24/7 with any questions about your long-term hotel stay.

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