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Act Now: Prepare Your Home for the Winter Season

Act Now: Prepare Your Home for the Winter Season

Winter is approaching, and you know what this means—harsh temperatures and severe weather that can cause damage to your home if you are not adequately prepared. Now is the time to act on your seasonal maintenance so come winter, you and your home will be protected. Here are six tips to help you prepare.

Trim Your Trees

Head outside with some sturdy clippers and trim back any tree branches that are hanging over your house. Accumulating snow and ice can cause these branches to sag or break, resulting in serious problems with your roof. Seasonal trimming not only prevents this, but also helps to keep gutters free of debris that can cause clogs. If you need to do some major tree work, hire a professional who has the tools and expertise to handle the job. Learn more about Tree Care Tips on Discover!

Assess Driveway Damage

Cracks in driveways and walkways will only get worse if they accumulate ice over the winter. Fill in damaged areas with a quality crack repair product to keep water out. This quick repair will keep your outdoor area safe from ice damage. If the driveway damage is extensive, it’s worth investing in a professional service to have it completely resealed to create a fresh, smooth surface. You’ll be glad you did when spring comes and you have no driveway maintenance to deal with!

Clean Out Furnaces

Furnaces accumulate dust and dirt just like any other object in your home. When dirty furnaces run throughout the winter, the blowers circulate dust and dirt along with warm air. Luckily, a vacuum is the only tool you need here. Use it to clean out the air registers in every room to suck out debris. This simple maintenance will make your home cleaner, you’ll breathe easier, and eliminate potential allergens that may cause discomfort for your family. 

Evict Unwanted Guests

When temperatures drop, animals start looking for warm places to live. Their new dwellings may include your crawlspace, attic, ductwork or walls. Some critters even like to hang out in the chimney. Look around the house inside and out for evidence of invasions. If you find you suddenly have an “uninvited guest”, call a professional to have the animal removed and relocated safely. They can also give you tips on how to avoid critters invading your home in the future. 

Ensure Good Insulation

A cold home in the winter is neither comfortable nor efficient. Ensuring good insulation is one of the most important winter home maintenance tips we could offer you. Look for any area in your home where heat can escape, and cold air can enter. Spaces such as the attic, roof, doors, and windows are the most common areas to insulate. If you find you have gaps in your insulation, use foam insulation to fill hard-to-reach places. Finally, install weather stripping around doors and windows to seal out cold air. (External air conditioners, as well as window units, should be covered on the outside for the same reason). Acting on these simple tips will keep you warm and reduce your heating costs. 

Schedule Seasonal Servicing

Finally, near the end of the winter season, call in an HVAC professional to check your furnace one more time before spring to make sure the cooling system is set to handle the warm weather. Though you might not be thinking about air conditioning during a long winter of harsh cold, having the unit serviced now ensures that it will not go down when the summer heat rolls around. And it will save you money in the long run.


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