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MyALE HOME Policyholder App

ALE Solutions, Inc. launches first app for displaced homeowners

When homeowners are displaced because of natural disasters, it’s normal to feel a lot of panic. On top of the challenges of returning home and making potentially significant repairs, policyholders often have to spend days or weeks staying in temporary housing. There’s a lot for displaced homeowners to worry about—which is why the ALE Solutions team is always looking for ways to make this process easier.

Meet our latest solution, the industry’s first app designed specifically for displaced homeowners: MyALE HOME. MyALE HOME is a new policyholder native app released by ALE Solutions, Inc., a leader in lodging solutions for the insurance industry. With MyALE HOME, policyholders can manage all aspects of their temporary housing stay on any mobile device for the first time.


Key features of the MyALE HOME App

With the MyALE HOME App, policyholders are able to:

  • View details of temporary housing
  • Learn what to expect of the temporary housing process
  • Request hotel or housing extensions
  • Communicate with the hotel or landlord
  • Contact an ALE representative 24/7/365
  • Capture and store Loss of Use receipts for things like meals and utilities

Additional receipt capture functionality extends to the MyALE Claims Portal, so adjusters can:

  • Manage and manually upload receipts in the MyALE Claims Portal
  • Track expenses against the Additional Living Expenses (ALE) limit
  • Export receipt capture data into an Excel document
  • Receive receipt notifications based on selected interval settings

Here’s how it works for displaced homeowners:

  1. Policyholders who are displaced from their home can download the app from the Apple or Google Play store.
  2. Once downloaded, users can upload and store Loss of Use receipts for costs like pet housing, meals and utilities throughout their stay.
  3. Policyholders and adjusters can easily find and reference receipts within the app when needed.

Learn more about our solutions for policyholders and insurance adjusters.


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