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Moving with Pets: Advice for a Safe Transition

7 Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving, unexpected or planned, is most often a challenging and demanding event. For pet owners, the demands are even higher when moving to a new residence. Whether moving to a permanent residence or temporary housing, here are a few facts and tips to help make moving with pets as comfortable and stress-free as possible for you and your special family members.

Update ID Tags

  • Make sure your pet has a fitted, sturdy collar with ID tags containing your name and current mobile phone number.
  • Consider microchipping for easy tracking should pets become separated or lost.

Moving with Pets: Advice for a Safe TransitionVisit Your Veterinarian

  • Tell your veterinarian that you are moving. If you are moving to a new town, ask them if they have any recommendations for a new veterinarian as well as a pet emergency hospital.
  • Refill any prescriptions and inquire about getting a sedative to help with long-distance travel (unless your pet is traveling in the cargo area of a plane).
  • If your pet is due for shots in the near future, go ahead and get them to ensure records get updated, and you have plenty of time to find a new vet.
  • Get copies of your pet’s records, including health and vaccination certificates.

Go to the Groomer

  • Cat Owners – a good brushing will do to lessen shedding on the road.
  • Dog Owners  tell your groomer that you are moving. They may provide suggestions on the best groom for traveling as well as recommend new groomers (if necessary).
  • Think about the time of day you schedule grooming – you probably do not want your car (or the plane) to smell like a wet dog, or a have unwelcome fragrance lingering the entire trip. Ask your groomer about special shampoos to help avoid itching and strong scents.

Moving with Pets: Advice for a Safe TransitionPack a First Aid & Emergency Bag

  • When traveling or moving with pets, pack a bag that contains food/treats, water, bowls, prescriptions, leashes and other essentials. Make sure to pack food that can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Your “kit” should include your veterinarian’s phone number, adhesive tape, non-stick bandages, towels, hydrogen peroxide (3%), and gauze or stockings.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

  • For overnight stays, be sure to research accommodations to ensure they are pet-friendly.
  • Should you ever move due to being displaced from home, ALE Housing Solutions will do all the work to locate the best temporary housing to accommodate both you and your pet(s).
  • Be sure to put a “DND! Pet Inside!” sign on your door, so staff does not accidentally let your pet out.

Prepare & Travel with Care

  • When preparing to travel or while transporting your pet, be sure to use a well-ventilated, sturdy pet carrier to help keep them secure and reduce their stress.
  • For larger animals, keep them restrained (in sight or a closed area) at all times. Even well-trained pets can make a dash for it when in chaotic or unfamiliar environments.
  • Never transport your pet in the trunk of a vehicle or storage area of a moving van.
  • Never leave your pet alone in a vehicle.

Pamper & Keep an Eye on Your Pet

  • When traveling or moving with pets, be sure to give them potty breaks and a chance to drink fresh water.
  • Upon arrival, place familiar toys and commodities in the new residence.
  • Give your pet time to get used to the new residence. Be sure to inspect the premises inside and out to help ensure there are no harmful items or substances, or an easy way to escape.
  • Let your pet sleep in your bed, take them for walks, make time for play (and their favorite treats), and keep tabs on their food and water intake.
  • Contact a veterinarian if your pet’s appetite or general behavior changes for an extended period.

Moving with pets is made easier by applying these tips. Stay tuned for more tips here on Discover!

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