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Mobile Office Tips for Business Productivity

A mobile office is not always the easiest “office” to conduct business. When you need to remain productive, the recommendations below are sure to help you throughout the work week. Some things you can tackle immediately and others you may need to discuss and plan with your company.

Making the Most of a Mobile Office

Mobile Office Tips for Business Productivity

  • Use a smartphone to enter data and avoid additional time inside of a standard office; keep a phone charger in the car and also consider an accessory like the mophie. Note: Microsoft Office is available for free on iOS and Android!
  • Ensure to set up email so that it can be checked with a smartphone or tablet to be able to stay up on what’s going on in the company.
  • Does your company have an app? Consider designing an app that allows you to enter and access property insurance claims online.
  • Have all apps operate in the same format as the systems within your back office for a smooth transition of data flow and avoid having to double the amount of data entry.
  • Eliminate as much paperwork as possible because a mobile office makes it hard to stay organized; move everything to a digital format so that you can find everything quickly.
  • Switch to a cloud format for file storage so that all of the documents and information that you need is at your fingertips.
  • Use mobile CMS so that you have information about your clients, their property, and their past claims in front of you. The reports that CMS can generate can help you to be more productive and make more important decisions without having to wait for data.
  • Use VoIP at the brick and mortar office so that you can forward your calls and voicemails to your mobile phone in order to take all the incoming calls while you are mobile.
  • Obtain signatures in the field using a tablet so that it can be forwarded to the home office faster for processing, allowing you to submit more claims in a day.
  • Use a signal booster in rural areas to ensure that internet connectivity is never an issue on a smartphone or tablet.

These tips can make all the difference in the world. As soon as you implement them, you can watch your productivity soar.

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