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Keeping Your Home Cool in the Summer

Summer is filled with barbecues, pool parties, vacations and of course, the hot weather. The heat can be enough to squash summer plans and leave your house feeling like a sauna. Whether your home has a dependable air conditioning system or none at all, there are other ways to keep cool rather than turning down the thermostat.

Keep your home and family cool all summer long with these simple tips:

Open the Windows
While air conditioning can be a quick fix, it can also be expensive to run all day. By simply opening all windows, it can make a big difference on the temperature inside your home. Bringing in a refreshing breeze will help bring down the heat in every room.

Use Fans
To keep air circulating within your home, place fans by the windows to make sure outside air is circulating throughout. Close off any rooms that are not frequently used and place fans only in the rooms needed.

Keep Blinds Closed
It is nice to look at the view outside your windows on a beautiful summer day, but by keeping your blinds open will allow extra heat to enter your home. Keep all blinds closed during the day, especially those facing the west and south, to easily lower the indoor temperature. Consider buying an awning for your windows, which may shade your windows from the heat while letting you enjoy the daylight.

Avoid Major Cooking Appliances
By cooking with a stove or oven, you will instantly raise the temperature of your home within just a few minutes. Instead, consider grilling outdoors, or make meals that can be made with a microwave or crockpot. Learn more about Grilling Safety Tips here on Discover.

Move the Bed
Heat rises, therefore, if you sleep on the top floor, consider moving your bed to a lower floor in your home. The cooler environment may help you sleep easier during warm nights.

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