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Importance of Customer Service

Culture & the Importance of Customer Service

In this digital age, customers have more choices and influence than ever. Customers expect immediate availability, knowledge, and speedy responses. With social media, customers can have a very large voice when it comes to sharing how their experience is with your business. Average or limited customer service is not an option.

So, how can your business embrace the importance of customer service to shine positively and deliver?

Culture and the Importance of Customer Service

Hire Exceptional People

Value and reward your employees to help ensure your care and standards come across to your customers. Hire people who are:

  • Passionate about your product or service.
  • Customer-focused (listen first and think like the customer).
  • Sincere (have a kind and personal touch).
  • Smart and proactive.
  • Memorable (great attitude and well-spoken).

Make a Great First Impression

You never get a second chance to cast a first impression. Your office is your stage, and giving the best “performance” and service means going beyond your customers’ expectations. Customers are the priority.

Be consciously consistent in how you address customers by:

  • Making positive and timely contact. Pick up the phone immediately or promptly reply to emails and social media inquiries and complaints.
  • Smiling with your voice, words, or mouth (if you offer face-to-face service). They should always picture you smiling and happy to assist.
  • Being personable and making them feel welcome and free to contact your business at any time.
  • Providing a hands-on approach. Immediately address their inquiries or ask questions to provide assistance better and find a resolution.
  • Preserving the great experience and offering additional assistance after addressing their initial inquiry.

Listen and Keep it Seamless

  • When interacting with a company representative versus a website, customers are less likely to share out negative feedback.
  • Offer a consistent experience across physical, desktop, mobile and social channels.
  • Stay tuned to relevant posts on social media and review services.
  • If you provide phone and email support, review and discuss the inquiries.
  • Follow-up and thank every customer.

Culture and the Importance of Customer Service

Be a Resource

  • Know your customer – How did you earn their business? Are you keeping track of their service history?
  • Do not be reactive and wait for something to happen – regularly communicate.
  • Publish helpful tips, stories, webinars, etc. throughout your site and social channels.
  • Ensure information and customer support is available through mobile devices.
  • Turn complaints into solutions – share and find resolutions within your teams.

The impact and importance of customer service are about creating a culture that makes people want to work for you, and paying attention to the details. This approach will help create both new and loyal customers.

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