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Home Maintenance Tips Essential for Summer

6 Home Maintenance Tips for a Safer Summer

When you think of summer, cookouts, camping and lazy afternoons by the pool are all likely to spring to mind. Before you get started with more fun in the sun, make sure that your home stays ready for the season with these simple home maintenance tips.

6 Home Maintenance Tips for a Safer Summer

Spruce Up the Outdoors

The deck, patio, and porch all take a beating over the winter and spring. Grab a broom and sweep away any accumulated debris to ready your outdoor areas for summer activities. Inspect decks and porches for broken or rotting wood, nail pops, and any other repair hazards. Paint and seal surfaces as necessary to protect them from seasonal storms. Summer is also the time to rent a pressure washer and blast the grime of the winter off of your home’s siding for a “like new” look.

Check the Roof and Gutters

As in springtime, summer can bring severe thunderstorms, and the last thing you want is rainwater leaking into your home. Inspect your roof using binoculars to check for damage that may have occurred over during the winter or spring, including missing shingles, cracks, and warping. Also, inspect your gutters and downspouts for leaks or clogs. Everything should be flowing smoothly to prevent runoff in the event of a downpour.

Inspect Outdoor Utilities

If you did not check your AC unit in the springtime, have a professional inspect it, clean it out and change the filters. Check indoor and outdoor electrical outlets for possible fire hazards (e.g. frayed wires or loose plugs). Also, check recreational equipment and playsets to ensure all fasteners are secure, not rusted, and everything operates as expected.

6 Home Maintenance Tips for a Safer Summer

Spend Time on the Garage

Summer is a good time to lubricate the working parts of your garage door and inspect it for problems with opening and closing. Test the remote opener and slide the door along its tracks manually a few times to make sure that it does not sag, catch or drop. Then work on clearing the clutter out of the garage so that it is easier to find seasonal essentials such as pool toys and garden tools.

Brighten Up the Doors and Windows

Being shut all winter can leave doors and windows looking dingy and grimy. First, check the door and window locks to ensure they are functioning properly. Then give the glass a good washing inside and out, and be on the lookout for damage left behind by winter weather (e.g. holes in screens). Replace broken or cracked glass as soon as possible, tighten up the shutters and paint the frames if necessary.

Be a Dust Buster

Hot weather puts a strain on appliances, especially the refrigerator. Clean the coils as per the instructions in your owner’s manual to keep the unit running efficiently and prevent overheating. Do the same for ceiling fans, vent fans in the bathroom, the range hood over the stove and the clothes dryer vent to help maintain a safe, healthy indoor environment all season.

Applying these seasonal home maintenance tips will help you enjoy your time in the summer sun knowing that your home is clean, safe and ready for the season.

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