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Home Fire Pit Safety

Home Fire Pit Safety

Summer is the time to enjoy cool, summer nights and roast marshmallows with friends. This time of year, it is important to keep home fire pits appropriately contained. Before you strike a match, read these home fire pit safety precautions to keep your family safe.

  • Keep fire pits at least 10 feet away from all structures and neighboring yards.
  • Pick up leaves, branches and other combustible materials around the area.
  • Do not put a fire pit directly on grass or a wooden deck.
  • Position the fire pit away from low hanging tree branches.
  • Check wind direction before you light a fire. Windy conditions can blow embers.
  • Always have a source of water nearby, even before you start the fire.
  • Never start a fire with flammable fluids like gasoline or lighter fluid.
  • When lit, never leave a fire pit unattended.
  • Avoid wearing loose fitting clothing around the fire.
  • Keep your fire small. The larger the fire, the greater the risk for disaster.
  • Monitor the fire after it has been extinguished and safely dispose the ashes.

When Disaster Strikes

At ALE Solutions, we understand that sometimes homes and lives are devastated by fire. ALE works with insurance adjusters and their policyholders to ensure the needs of both parties get met in a timely and effective manner. For more information, please visit


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