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Halloween Home Security

Halloween is known for mischief and mayhem, but it doesn’t need to be dangerous. Read our Halloween Home Security tips to keep your home, family and visitors safe during the spooktacular holiday!

Home Improvements

If there are home improvements you’ve been meaning to fix, now is the time to get out the toolbox. The less risk at your home, the better. Overly excited children and the adults who accompany them, will need and clear path to approach your front porch and door steps. It is wise to fix any railings, broken or uneven steps, loose bricks, trim low-hanging trees, or anything else that may potentially cause harm to visitors. Learn more about Fall Home Maintenance Tips on Discover.

Take Photos of Your Propertyjack o lantern

Before trick-or-treaters or any guests arrive, take pictures of your property. No matter how vigilant you are about protecting your home, you may not avoid vandalism and pranks throughout the night. If anything should happen, call your insurance agent to see what is covered. Learn more about Halloween Safety Tips on Discover.

If You Have a Home Security System

Whether or not you will be home on Halloween, keep your home alarm system armed throughout the day and into night. Due to the nature of the holiday, burglars are able to walk the entire neighborhood without suspicion, choosing which house (or houses) to possibly break into. According to a Temple University study, homes without security systems are 2-3 times more likely to be burglarized. If you have a home security sign, clearly display it in a well-lit area to deter any burglars. Having an armed and monitored home can give you the comfort needed to rest after an fun-filled holiday.

Protect Your Property

Halloween night is an ideal time for vandals and burglars to attack! Utilizing spot lights or motion sensor lights can discourage many pranksters and burglars from choosing your home. Adequate lighting may also prevent falls and accidents, making your home safer for everyone. Whether you are home or not, secure and lock all windows and doors at all times.

Protect Your Car

Halloween is notoriously a night of pranks and vandalism. With the use of common household items like toilet paper, shaving cream and eggs, these can often lead to a messy, and possibly destroyed yard and driveway. To avoid possible dents and scratches to your car, park securely in your garage.

If you don’t have access to a garage, try to park your car with the following in mind:

  • Park in a place with low traffic
  • Park in a well-lit, populated area
  • Don’t leave valuables in plain sight
  • Lock the doors, roll up windows, and lock all car doors
  • Hand out candy in the driveway or with your car in direct sight

Be Cautious Opening the Door

While most trick-or-treaters are children out to collect candy, you should still be cautious when opening your front door. Depending on your neighborhood, trick-or-treaters should end and be off the streets by a set-time, usually around 7-8:00 pm.

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