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Firework Safety

Firework Safety

Everyone enjoys firework displays, especially children. However, fireworks cause an average of 18,500 reported fires per year, with the highest risk of injury for ages 5-19. As a result, it is important to know firework safety to protect your family and party guests.

  • Always have adult supervision available.
  • Point fireworks away from home, people and animals.
  • Have water ready in case of stray flames or sparks.
  • As you light the firework, back up to a safe distance.
  • Never try to relight a used or defective firework.
  • Attend public fireworks displays presented by professionals.

When Disaster Strikes

At ALE Solutions, we understand that sometimes homes and lives are devastated by fire. ALE works with insurance adjusters and their policyholders to ensure the needs of both parties get met in a timely and effective manner. For more information, please visit


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