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Fire Extinguished: The Farrell’s Get Back on Track

On what seemed to be a “normal” October evening, the Farrell family was comfortable in their home in the Northeastern portion of the United States. Unfortunately, their comfort was taken away that night when a house fire destroyed their home and belongings. Thankfully, everyone in the house survived, including their pets. Needless to say, they were entirely unprepared to search for another place to live.

This story has an unfortunate beginning, but it has a very positive ending. Mom Farrell explained to us how this was made possible.

Comprehending a Fire Disaster

Once the firefighters extinguished the house fire, the Farrell family had to begin the process of picking up the pieces and moving on. They had to cope with the realization that everything they owned got damaged in the fire and that it would all need to be replaced. Before they could begin to think about that daunting prospect, they needed a place to their lay their heads that night.

Northeast Family Copes with a House Fire

The Situation

The Farrell’s were owners of five special family members (three Shih Tzus and two house cats). The pets made it hard for them to find lodging. Hotels do not always welcome pets, and friends and family did not necessarily want to take on this responsibility along with Mom Farrell, her husband, and their son.

Getting Comfort Back

The answer for the Farrell’s was to contact their insurance adjuster who took the difficult task of finding temporary housing out of their hands. The adjuster contacted the insurance company’s trusted temporary housing provider, ALE Solutions. ALE (Additional Living Expenses) specializes in securing the unique housing solutions that meet policyholder’s needs. ALE pays all covered housing expenses (from security deposits to housewares) on a policyholder’s behalf and is repaid directly by the insurance company.

Mom Farrell informed us that her contact, a Relocation Specialist at ALE, found a hotel within one hour that would be willing to accept her five pets, but the contact did not stop there! The Relocation Specialist continued to search for accommodations for the Farrell family and found a house that was available for them to rent. All they needed to do was visit the home to ensure it met their expectations.

The Relocation Specialist at ALE made it possible for Mom Farrell and her family to get their lives back on track. ALE made sure to either call or send her an email every day to offer her assistance in any way they could. Mom Farrell couldn’t say enough about how kind and caring her Relocation Specialist was during this difficult time.

If you are a homeowner who has experienced a house fire or other disaster, ALE Housing Solutions is always here (24/7/365) to help you find the temporary housing you need. If you are an adjuster who is looking for a temporary housing solution for your clients, please contact us today. We are your resident experts.

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