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What to Do during an Earthquake

Earthquake Safety

When an earthquake strikes, you will not have much time to think or prepare. To reduce the risk of serious injuries, you must take immediate action. The most dangerous place to be is near the exterior walls of a building.

If You Are Indoors

Drop to the floor on your hands and knees, and cover your head and neck with your hands and arms. If you can crawl underneath a sturdy table or a solid desk, this will provide even greater protection. Hold yourself in one place by grasping the leg of a table, the carpeting or anything else that will keep you from moving. Stay away from windows, mirrors and other glass.

If You Are in Bed

Stay in bed with your face down, and cover your head with a pillow. Be aware that your floor may soon get covered with broken glass. If you are in a high-rise building, do not use the elevator during or after the earthquake.

If You Are Outside

Move quickly to a clear area. Preferably, this space will be free of buildings, trees, power lines, signs and other dangers.

If You Are Driving

Stop the car along the side of the road, leaving a clear path for emergency vehicles. Stay away from buildings, bridges, signs and power lines. If power lines fall during the earthquake, remain in your vehicle until emergency response crews can clear them.

Earthquake safety facts and tips.

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