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Turn It On

Like a light switch, passion is something you can turn on and off. Begin by slowly expressing yourself and start to act on your passion. Then build upon it.

Tear Down Barriers

If there is something standing in the way of you and your passion, tear down those barriers. This could be anything from cutting a toxic person out of your life, searching for a new job, or stopping a bad habit. Whatever is holding you back, identify the problem and start moving forward.

Take A Risk

Through risk taking, like decision making, facing your fears or putting yourself on the line, you may discover and ignite your passion!

Surround Yourself with Passionate People

Make an effort to surround yourself with people who are like-minded and have a zest for life. Their positivity will be contagious and uplift everyone around them!

Never Stop Learning

Always look for ways to learn something new. You can always learn something new and being open to opportunities are the best way to do this. Accept the challenge to learn new skills! In addition, take any misstep or imperfection and learn from it. Consider every mistake a learning experience and way to grow.

Remember Your Goals

If you feel your passion isn’t what it once was, reflect on what your original goals. What was your hope for the future? If you step back and consider all the hard work that took to get you where you are today – hopefully your passion will be renewed!


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