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ALE’s New Corporate Headquarters

WE FINALLY MOVED IN!! Introducing ALE Solutions’ New CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS in Saint Charles, IL!

ALE Solutions is the largest nationwide provider of temporary housing for people displaced by fire, tornado, earthquake and hurricanes.

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4 responses to “ALE’s New Corporate Headquarters”

  1. Bennye V. says:

    In early October 2016 I had a call from Ale Solutions. They needed a house in Garland Texas. It so happened that we had rental in just the place they needed. My contact was Amy Pastorak, another was Courtney Voda. It turned out to be a pleasant experience. The short term rental turned out “from a three month short term to an eight month rental. October 17, 2016 to June 24 2017. I have a home in Corpus Christi, Texas to rent and would consider a short term lease of three months or more. If you are interested. Have not been able to contact Ale.

  2. Team ALE says:

    We are happy to hear you had such a positive experience with the wonderful ALE team members who assisted you. At ALE Solutions, we are extremely blessed to work with property owners and landlords like yourself. We truly appreciate your flexibility and readiness to help our displaced families during their time of need.

    In the future, if you would like to register any available properties, please do so online via our website:

  3. Seema J. says:

    ALE team members are ‘THE BEST”! Always willing to help the host/ landlords and the guests. Wonderful communications as a liaison between different parties involved.
    I have a few houses in WA State and have the pleasure of working with ALE for last few years now. The guests who have moved-in have been wonderful and responsible ones.
    Business and profitability aspect obviously gets fulfilled, but more importantly it makes me feel that I have a purpose and am a part of the solution to help families in need.
    I have had (currently hosting too) short and long term guests from ALE. I work with other companies too, but ALE is my favorite!

  4. Team ALE says:

    Thank you, Seema! Your words serve as encouragement to everyone at ALE Solutions, as we work together to serve displaced families. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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