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Fire Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Did you know more than 500,000 pets are affected every year as a result of fires in their residence? Approximately 1,000 of these fires are started by the pets! These unfortunate events are a large enough problem that ADT Security and the American Kennel Club join forces every July to recognize National Pet Fire Safety and help spread awareness.

With the above mind, we have put together a few tips to help you keep your pets safe on a daily basis and avoid accidental fires.

Fire Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Pet Fire Safety

You will want to make sure to do the following around your home:

  • Take care of exposed or loose wires
  • Extinguish open flames (pets are typically curious to check out things that look “playful”)
  • Remove stove knobs or add covers (stove tops are the #1 equipment involved in pet fires)
  • Invest in flameless candles
  • Avoid placing glass water bowls on a deck (the glass can heat up and cause the wooden deck beneath it to catch on fire!)

Keep Your Pets Safe in the Event of a Fire

So that firefighters can more easily rescue your pet(s):

  • Make sure your pets are near entrances
  • Keep collars on and leashes accessible

If you have young pets, make sure to keep them confined from any potential fire-starting hazards. You could use crates or keep them blocked off by baby gates. You can also use a “pet alert” window cling that will tell firefighters the number of pets you have inside (be sure to keep this updated).

Additionally, it is a good idea to have monitored smoke detectors to provide peace of mind when you are not home. Many pets cannot escape alone. If emergency responders get contacted when your smoke detectors go off, someone can go out to your home to rescue your pet(s).

With these fire safety tips in mind and applied, it is possible to keep your pets safe from fire in all aspects.

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